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This, too, shall pass.

you_shall_not_passA minute ago, it was January. Then February. And suddenly, two nanoseconds later, it’s nearly the end of March. I referred to today as a Terrible Tuesday… only to be laughed at and corrected to Wednesday (by well-meaning doctor colleagues, who suggested that it must be a Very Terrible Tuesday indeed!).

The older I get, the quicker time passes. A blink, and it seems that another year is done.

I remember when a year stretched out for FOR-EV-ERRRRR, in a slow-motion voice straight out of an 80s movie. I remember when “The Year 2000” was ever-so-far away. When things like iPods, let alone iPads, seemed merely a dream. (Penny’s “computer book”, anyone? Inspector Gadget reference for you youngsters. Google it.)

Every year, I am flummoxed by how quickly the minutes tick over; and how quickly the world moves with time. A week, in retrospect, seems like a few short seconds. Perhaps it’s an “age thing”, bred of a longer perspective; perhaps it’s some kind of technological disappearing act (look down, open Internet browser, look up, ten hours have passed). I’m not entirely sure. Actually, I have no idea. All I know, is that moments often feel like “forever”, but once past, feel like seconds. I suspect that it was wise of me not to pursue studies in Physics. The time-space continuum would have done my head in.

So: back to these ‘moments’.

I had an epiphany the other day, when reflecting on some of the tough lessons of the past few years. And that epiphany was this: ALL crises pass. None of them last forever. And, inevitably, all seem to resolve themselves, at the very worst, with time.

Now, I may be a little daft, and most of you out there have this figured out already; but this epiphany has already had me reframing a few of my current challenges. I’m finding, in the midst of difficulty, telling myself “it’s okay – I really don’t need to worry about this – it’s going to pass soon enough!”. Even when I don’t have a clear solution to a problem, I find that in letting go of the strain of worry and fear, solutions appear. Or, in the very least, the problem feels less magnified and catastrophic, and much more manageable.

A wise chap once wrote the line: don’t sweat the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff.

Or, as the ubiquitous lyric from Frozen brazenly suggests: let it go…



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  1. Completely agree. And if there’s one thing social media marketing has taught me, it’s that, actually, you’ll remember the so-called disaster much longer than everyone else will. And half the battle for me is not worrying about what anyone else thinks!

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