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Tangled Treasure

A few weekends ago I spent a couple of happy hours sorting through my wardrobe and reorganising all my skincare and perfume storage. So far I have managed to keep everything tidy which, believe me, is an achievement worthy of fanfare. I am emphatically not a naturally tidy human. One thing that I didn’t get round to, though, was de-cluttering and de-tangling my jewellery – a job that sorely needs doing because it’s all jumbled together in a big ol’ mess. So, to motivate myself into action – I respond well to the lure of a new, shiny thing – I’ve been looking around at storage and display options. Here are some of my favourites:

Mirrored bird hooks, by Rose and Grey on notonthehighstreet – £12 each

Hanging my necklaces from hooks on the wall would stop them getting all tangled up and knotted, thus making me a calmer person less likely to resort to LANGUAGE.  Plus, it will be easier to see what I’ve got AND it looks pretty – win/win. I’ve tried one of those tree stand thingies but they don’t tend to be tall enough to stop the dratted tangling (although I am rather keen on this one), however West Elm have got that covered with their version, which is certainly tall enough and very gorgeous but out of my price range, sadly:

Cast metal jewellery tree, West Elm – £84

They do have good sales, though, so there’s still hope (and they do have lots of lovely traditional jewellery boxes too).

Porcelain teapot hanging hook and vase, by Sparks Living on notonthehighstreet – £15 each

I don’t know how I managed to miss these fabulous teapots when I was researching my last post, but I do know I need them. And now I’m betting you do, too…

For small items, like earrings and brooches, this Moomin tea tin is perfect – obviously, as it has Moominmamma on it. More things should have Moomins on them!

Moominmamma tea tin, from the Moomin Shop – £10

If you wear earrings (I don’t), this woodland jewellery stand is a lovely thing to keep them on (there’s a large version too):

Woodland jewellery stand, by Amanda Coleman on notonthehighstreet – £9.95

I *do* wear rings, and I’ve fallen in love with this sweet little umbrella ring dish from Anthropologie (I know, something affordable from Anthropologie!).

Of course, if I happened to have a spare £22,400 burning a hole in my pocket (ha!), plus the kind of gems that require such fine storage, I could always nip to Cartier for this little number:

Exceptional jewellery box, exotic birds decor, Cartier – £wow

For a few more bank account-friendly ideas, take a look at my Bea board on Pinterest, here.



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