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10 things I can’t do because I only have sons


Inspired by this wonderful article by dad-of-daughters, Mike Reynolds, here’s my list of the things I can’t do because I only have sons:

Have pink stuff in the house.

So we only have a pink sofa, a pink carpet and pink dining room chairs. Oh and pink towels.

Do hair/make-up/nails.

Oddly, because I am female, I’m not that bothered about hair/make-up/nails. But Joe is. He has put nail varnish on himself and wants to grow his hair as long as Elsa’s in Frozen.

Play with dolls.

Joe adores his “daughter” Baby Abigirl. He takes her everywhere.

Watch “girly” films.

Do you want to know how many times we’ve watched Frozen? Do you? Yeah, okay it’s twice. But do you want to know how many times we’ve watched Let It Go, Do You Wanna Build a Snowman, Love is an Open Door on YouTube? It’s bloody loads.


We have Emergency Dance Parties every day. Current faves: Pharrell’s Happy and Born This Way by Lady Gaga.


Actually I don’t do this much because (despite being a man) David does pretty much all of the cooking. But me and Joe do like to bake.

Read books with female protagonists.

Except for Madeline. Peppa Pig. Daisy from the Kes Gray books. Clarice Bean. Olga da Polga. Matilda. Pea in Susie Day’s gorgeous series.

Be best friends with my child.

Mothers and daughters have a special bond, right? And fathers and sons. And fathers and daughters. But mothers and sons? That’s a bit creepy, isn’t it? No one wants a mummy’s boy. Except my boys are my besties and I hope they will continue to be.

Dress them in cute clothes.

Now I am guilty of this one. I still sometimes look at little girls in pinafore dresses, stripy tights, cute boots and I’m envious. But really it’s because that’s the way I’d like to dress myself, not my kids. Also? Children are small human people, not dress-up dolls. And boys can actually wear cute clothes too. Joe has a sweatshirt with glasses printed on it that makes me happy every time he wears it.

Raise a feminist.

In all seriousness, I was actually kind of disappointed that I was going to miss out on raising a feminist. And then I realised that boys can be feminists too. Phew.


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2 comments on “10 things I can’t do because I only have sons

  1. Thank you, I love this!! I am pregnant with my third boy and have been very distressed/disappointed at how many people have commented on whether we will try for a girl next… actually we are just happy to have healthy children…

    • Keris
      May 2, 2014

      Thank you! And congratulations!

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