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Sarah Clark

I’m a former civil servant turned writer-girl and I’ve been freelance since 2007, despite plenty of wailing about how it ‘just isn’t working out’ and worrying about the bills. I’m a bit of a write-o-holic and I blog for SpaSeekersas well as writing the entire Inspired Magazine every month somehow. I occasionally get sent to spas so that I can write nice things about them, and this I like very much. I’m a bit of a chubster, love to drink coffee and eat posh biscuits, and I’ve got a couple of blogs that are totally self-indulgent and all about me: Relentlessly Positive and Queen Simply Be.


Eve Menezes Cunningham

Eve Menezes Cunningham is a freelance psychology, health and wellbeing journalist (www.evemenezescunningham.co.uk) and counsellor, coach, yoga therapist, complementary therapist and owner at www.feelbettereveryday.co.uk. She also blogs at www.feelbettereveryday.wordpress.com

Carrie Dunn

I’m a journalist (www.carriedunn.net) and lecture in journalism and media at various universities while completing a PhD in sports fandom. If I’m not at some kind of sporting event, I’m likely to be at the theatre, in a karaoke bar or playing World of Warcraft.

Annemarie Flanagan

Former BBC radio and tv producer, had kids and took redundancy. Started to freelance whilst going slightly barmy at home with ‘challenging’ first baby. Wrote for parenting magazines like Junior and then started doing bits and bobs for a variety of magazines and nationals including; The Guardian, Telgraph, Express and Mail. I now sem to have three children, edit a couple of local websites www.ealingtoday.co.uk and www.actonw3.comand whenever I think I have a good idea try and keep my hand in with the nationals, most recently the Daily Mail health pages. My website is www.annemarieflanagan.com and you can find me on twitter (especially when I am excited about a good tv programme) as @annemarieflan

After years of nothing I am currently on a fitness mission, and beginning to run for the first time ever – with the intention of doing a half-marathon in September. It’s really hard at the moment, but I reckon if I do it – anyone can.

Alexandra Roumbas Goldstein

I’m a digital marketer for a national charity, and also a blogger for myself and anywhere that will let me write about the subjects close to my heart. I’m also Mum to the loudest toddler in the world and – in the best traditions of the internet – very fond of books, writing, cats and food. I will try to shoehorn Disney into any conversation. Talk to me on Twitter @mokuska.

Lucy-Anne Holmes

I am The Leader of The Sexual Revolution, which you can read more about here..http://howtostartasexualrevolution.com/about/  I also write novels and act in plays. I am very partial to wine and knob gags.

Emma Johnston

I’m Emma *waves*. Mum of Jack (9) wife of Builder John, works almost full-time as PA/Sales/Admin/Gofer for a company I’m not allowed to mention cos I got in trouble for that before. I’m addicted to shopping, and doing silly things with my hair. Currently sporting a blue mohawk, and waiting on too many eBay items. I love food, eat too much crap, never put on weight, don’t work out, and get bitched at for it. I’m geeky, a terrible homemaker cos I’m lazy, and messy, and I am very stubborn. I tweet/talk too much, and don’t blog enough, though I shouldn’t tell you that bit.  I have a blog, www.intheseheels.co.uk that currently is out of order. On Facebook, and I’m on Twitter as InTheseHeels too.

Erin Le Clerc

Psychologist, writer, dreamer and devoted coeliac; I am cupcake-mad, a rabid collector of recipe books, a committed coeliac, and fancy myself as living amid an Enid Blyton adventure, filled with treasure, sunken ships and easily-overcome bad guys. I love words, and often seek inspiration from literary and worldly heroes, both past and present. I love my work in psychology, although it’s what I call a roller-coaster calling. If I won the lottery, I’d divide my time between facilitating seminars, counselling and riding rollercoasters at Disneyland. Which is really what I do already! FTW!

photoStella McLoughlin

Fabulous forty-something (in therapy for 50); eager traveller; loves food, jewellery, make-up and receiving presents; nosey mother of teenage boys; reads and occasionally writes; watches too much tv and film.



Sarah Painter

sarah author pic_b&wI’ve been a freelance writer for thirteen years, juggling writing for magazines and blogs with parenting and professional-level procrastination. I also write books and my debut, The Language of Spells, is available now. I live in beautiful rural Scotland with my husband, two children and two cats. I’m obsessed with craft (especially anything to do with pretty fabric and yarn), buying second-hand, vintage style, cooking and thrifty homemaking (although I believe cleaning to be the work of the devil). You can find me blethering about craft, books and writing at www.sarah-painter.com

diane_shipley_profile_picDiane Shipley

I’m a freelance journalist obsessed with TV, memoirs, feminism, pop psychology, cats, and pictures of dachshunds. I blog at No Humiliation Wasted and you can find me on Twitter, as (unsurprisingly) @dianeshipley.

Anne-Marie Taylor

University administrator by profession, I blog when I can here http://wooks1.wordpress.com/. But most of the time you can find me on twitter @AnneMarieT123, talking about television, food, reading and other essential life stuff (also, pandas). I’m redecorating my house (very very slowly), so I’m really interested in interior design. I dream of owning a house with a porch swing.

Susan Walters

photoIn the dim and distant past I was a journalist on local newspapers in Cheshire. I loved my job and over 10 years I worked my way up from reporter to deputy editor, including a year as a sports reporter – this still makes my friends and family laugh as I have no knowledge of sports whatsoever. (I once missed a goal at a football match because I was too busy watching the mascot throwing sweets into the crowd.) I got married and a few years later we had a baby and everything changed. I couldn’t face a two hour commute every day (and the salary barely covered childcare so there seemed little point) and my journalism career came to a halt. Now I am a stay at home mum, with two beautiful children, who volunteers to help with too many things and is attempting to learn to say no. I still love writing and harbour dreams of one day finishing the numerous novels I have started and I am relishing the opportunity to be involved with Bea. As long as no one asks me to write about sport we should be fine.

Belinda Whitehead

Loves: Writing (have written lots of fiction, articles, blogs and guest blogs – currently posting something every day on my website, writing monthly guest blogs for Bea Magazine, and have my own Facebook page), travelling (I blogged about my most recent travels here), tweeting (@bellerants) and eating cake.

Works: Part time in charity PR, part time as a freelance PR consultant/copywriter.

Struggles: To achieve a successful balance of yin and yang in her life, but has a lot of fun trying.


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